Monday, May 26, 2008

Board Wars

Board Wars was shot over 2 days, with me my brother and a friend. When my friends originally found out I was getting in to video and ok at it, they were constantly thinking up videos for me to make. I usually didn't make them for various reasons, most notable was that they were no good (sorry guys!). However the ideas kept coming when they learned I could do some VFX, like green screen. Well, Board was is the product of actually making one of those videos. MY friend directed, or rather, made up the story as we went and told us what to do, I told him if it would actually work or not, my brother acted, I shot it, and then edited it. It shouldn't have worked, and it didn't work very well. But, for a short film as long as it is, shot the way it was, it worked really well.

This was one of the projects I were I cut my teeth on learning 'keying' and other special and visual FX. Watch after the credits for a before and after bit on the film. I was also just learning the art of folly, and voice over. It was a good learning experience for me.

Of interest: We didn't get it all done on the first day, and that night we had a good 'ol dump of snow , thus the "ah man it snowed" line.


Anonymous said...

I saw that video a long time ago but loved that "aw man, it snowed" part!LOL!

Isylla said...

Ya I like the "aw man it snowed" part aswell! Mike showed me this video a looong time ago!

Anonymous said...
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