Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gume Shoe

     Gum Shoe is a story about a Kid who is also a secret agent, and thinks his parents don't know it. However, when "Aliens" are discovered on earth, he is sent to investigate, only to discover that not only have his parents known the hole time, but that Aliens actually want him!

     Gum Shoe was made in 2005-06 and was shot with a film festival in mind. Needless to-say, it didn't get accepted, I wasn't to disappointed however, as it was for me, a great sucses.
Gum Shoe was the first film where I made contous efert on pre-production, such as several drafts of the script, and a story board. Gum Shoe was a sucess to me, mostly becous it turned out looking amost exactly like I had emagened it in my minde, a first for me. I knew the story was a bit lacking, but I has very happy with the peroduction values I saw in it.

     Even today, I am very impressed wit the shots. See the project was conceived one night during a snow fall, with big snow flakes, they would slowly fall through the street lights. And I wanted to find a story where I could use that as a background. It was just so moody, and beautiful. The scene that I came up with almost immediately was that of a young boy meeting a shadowy agent under a street light at night. So that is want the hole story was based around. But it didn't snow, instead it got really fogy, and I liked how that looked to. so I called up my actors and said "tonight is the night!" and we did it.

     I also did all my own scoring (music) for this film for the first time ever. I have not done scoring so extensively from scratch since. And am quite proud of what I did with it. It was all recorded in GarageBand with my midi Keyboard.

     I have included all my story boards here for you to view. You will find that I followed them almost to a tee, with only a few changes. I started out with pencil and paper, but it became to tedious, so I did them all in the Gimp.

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