Monday, May 26, 2008

Red in a Hood

Red in a Hood is a shot film experiment. I was trying a way of animation I though might work (and still do). I was board one day and decided, 'hey, why not try it out!?!?'. So I when back in to my orange room (yes a room in my house that has orange and yelow walls, it reminds me of a fiesta and makes my friends hungry), and drew out the cut out characters, made us a little "studio, with a rig for my camera, taped down to something heavy so I wouldn't accidentally bump it. Set up a few lamps for lighting, and used a cupboard for my "stage". It took about 5 hours (if I remember right). Oh, and I used sticky tack to hold the characters and "set peaces" to the "stage". I present, Red in a Hood, the story of Red riding hood... With a twist!

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