Friday, January 10, 2014

2 new christian Sc-ifi and Comedy movies coming! MY GRANDPA DETECTIVE & MAYFLOWER TWO

Hey everyone! I am excited to announce what we have 2 new movies in the works! We are going to begin filming very soon, so please be praying for us. If you want to learn more follow this link 

Poster Mockup
My Grandpa Detective (Comedy/drama)
After his father stormed out of his grandfather’s house and out of his life, young Bobby was raised by his grandparents. Now grown, Detective Robert Whitmore is in for a surprise when he is assigned a new partner – his grandfather, whom he still blames for the loss of his father. Due to a clerical error Grandpa, a retired detective, has been forced out of retirement after twenty years. As the two generations try to solve an increasingly difficult case of the biggest, baddest, most brazen thief the department has ever seen, Whitmore is forced to deal not only with Grandpa, but with his feelings of bitterness and his own standing before God. My Grandpa Detective is a humorous story with a serious message of family and forgiveness.

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Mayflower Two (Science Fiction/Action)
When Miles O’Reilly’s brother shows him the hidden Mayflower Two, a ship designed to transport families off the planet to escape persecution, he dismisses it as extremist paranoia. Soon, however, he finds that persecution is real and personal as the authorities come after him. Caught off guard, he “borrows” the new Mayflower to flee to a paradise colony on Mars where he learns he hasn’t left all his troubles behind. Mayflower Two is an action packed futuristic thriller highlighting the need for faithfulness and courage in the face of opposition.

Once again, for more info, please follow the link:


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