Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Simple" Set Extension

I thought this would be a simple shot to do…

I taped it with a handy cam on the end of a tripod that I held in my hand and it extended out from my hip. I was really surprised at how “smooth” it was, but when I got in to Shake… yuck, I tryed to track this thing at least a dozen times over the last week, some times with tracker nodes, other times by hand with not good results.

I should not I was not “match moving” the church to the camera, but rather stabilizing the footage, to get it, I used 2 different stabilized and smooth cam trackers. It is stabilized, smoothed, stabilized, and then smoothed again. And even then the results are not fantastic.

After I put the church and sky in, and color graded, I placed the camera movement back in to the shot.

Although the shot is not the way I would like it, I am fairly happy with the results.

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