Monday, January 19, 2009

Crash Site

1. My source footage from Christmas. We burned the Christmas tree when we were done with it, because it keped falling over.

2. Shake has a supper “work free” Stabilizing and tracking node called “SmoothCam”, you just tell it to lock the video, rather than smooth it, and click analyze! Vala! Done!

3. Shake also has a cool QuickPaint Node that has a very handy clone brush in it, so you can take pixels from one point of the image, and use them as your paint color. Very simple to remove the swing set.

4. I made a Cessna in blender really quick, angled it so I didn’t have to add windows. layered some textures from and I have an airplain. I think the wing looks to bit though.

5. The clip had snow falling in it, but it was falling behind the plain not in front. So it make that less noticeable I added some extra falling snow. I exported the snow from Motion. Motion has a great particle system.

6. I add the motion back in to the clip by duplicating the SmoothCam node above and setting it to “match”.

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