Monday, April 21, 2008

Amazing Math Green Screen (Again)

Well, I used the setting in between the one I used the last time and the one used the first shoot. So far it looks as though the green is better than the previous attempts (haven't tried a key yet though). However, the the skin tones, and overall colors of the the actors are not that good. Also, somehow it blew out more often than last time (less exposure this time). I also forgot to white balance the camera before the shoot (I know, I know, I should ALWAYS white balance before a shoot...), and that may have something to do with the color; hopefully, color correction won't effect the finished image too badly.

Also, discovered that setting my betchtech audio adapter to mono gives really quiet audio pick- up with large amounts of hiss, oy. Apparently I used the stereo option the other two shoots, and it is what I will use from now on as it gives MUCH better audio, even if it is only in one channel. I hope it won't be too much of a nightmare (and trust me it can) cleaning up the audio...

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