Saturday, April 19, 2008

Amazing Math Filming day #3

Once again the the miracle that I call my "studio" happened in my basement. Pictures don't do it justice but, here is a before and after pict. I will try and get some more for next time, as I am still amazed at the drastic change. I long for the day I have my own studio (no renting for me!). I literally rearrange the entire basement EVERY every time I film! Twice.

Living Room Variation.

Studio Variation. (Note: you can see in this image that I have added two black X's to the green screen. Those are so that if the camera shakes I can use them to easily track the shake and stabilize the footage! I just used some black hockey tape. After many hours of shooting it came off nicely, leaving no residue. I would expect however that if I left it on for a month or something it would leave nasty sticky behind.)

We got started really late (about a full hour!), so didn't finish. However, I think we will only need one more good day of filming to finish up. Also, possibly adding to the slowness today, was the fact I didn't have any story boards ready. You don't really realize how nice they are to have, and how they move things along until you don't have them.
TT takes a break.

Everyday life on the set.

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