Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stage Coach Robbery On Sharp Hill

Way back in 2005 we had finally come up with a business idea for MovieMakers, making educational film for schools! So for a grade 12 project I wrote a script and made an educational film. The reviews said "good story, but it needs another short film to go with it that explains the details a bit". The project fell by the way side and was buried and forgotten as other more impressive projects like Amazing Map came along.
Looking back at it, the progect served as a foundation and starting block for how we aproched and wrote our educational products since. Well, last week I dug it out and said, thats still not half bad, lets package it! I used some b-roll from the film and make a mini feature that I narrate to go with it and sent it off to the Duplicators.
A week latter we have our first run of 50 DVDs on the film that started them all!

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