Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Widow's Might

During our time in the USA while listening to American radio and listening and watching American news, I became strongly aware of the political madness and possible disaster that their great nation is headed for. I had heard grumblings from our southern neighbors but they were very extreme, and I questioned whether it was an overreaction, but after 28 days in the USA, I am not so sure they were overreacting. It was quite troubling. Other than be continually disturbed, I had a thought that continually ran through my head: people need to see The Widow's Might! I thought The Widow's Might was a good film, but a bit heavy handed against taxes in Texas, which honestly, doesn't apply to a lot of people. But as we drove and listened, and observed, I began to see that The Widow's Might is not about taxes in Texas, it is about today, todays government, it is for the people of America today. Just like in the movie, the public has allowed and even helped to create the situation we see today, and just like in the The Widow's Might, those same people are the ones who can repent and then fix the problem. The Widow's Might is an important film for todays culture, urging men to stand up, take responsibility, and bring about cultural repentance and restoration.

If you have not seen the film, I strongly urge you to see it and watch it in the light of todays events. If you have seen if before, I strongly urge you to watch it again with these things in mind and then show it to others.

As the cowboy sang: "Be strong and of good courage men... and then, we'll have justice once again!"

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