Monday, April 13, 2009

$100 Wrapper

 Well, the contest is over, and I did manage to get a film together. But barley.

11:30 - With only 12 hours out of 36 left to go we found ourselves scraping the story about spies, terrorists, Russia and nuclear submarines and starting from scratch writing a brand new script!
4:00 - We had just finished a 3+ hour film shoot and began uploading our 1/2 hour of footage in to the computer.
5:40 - We had finished the rough edit and found some really BIG continuity problems, some missing shots and some unusable sound.
8:00 - Things are not looking good. I cant get a hold of my actors to get VOs and cant finde my way around some of the big problems.
8:40 - Finally contacted my actors parents and got permission to keep them out of bet for another 15 min in order to get VOs
10:20 - I had finished the film, not perfect by any stretch, but we were begining the submission process.
10:45 - Submitted and done!

Here is the video:
$100 Wrapper

It looks like there was over 60 entries this year. You can watch them here:

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Mylla said...

Cute kids! Great Job Dallas:)