Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wile reeding a script recently I came up with these thoughts. The script turned out different than expected, and these thoughts no longer applied. I am interested in some feed back if you have got any.

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Do we really need to show the full depravity of a man in all it sinful state to effectively compare it to God's righteousness and Purity? Because I can think up far worse than that to show, and thus be more effective! Right?

Or can the fate of a good man, who knows he is doomed, and can do nothing about it, because his good-ness is not enough more clearly show in contrast to Gods righteousness?

If anything, bringing the man down, allows more room for justification, thus lowering God. Even making him attainable.

Show me a rights man, who despite this is rightly condemned. And I start to see how holly God truly is.

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Anonymous said...

I know a joke... but its not a funny one.

what you wrote ws well said...good job!