Monday, February 2, 2009

Demographic Winter Review

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 Last night we watched the 56min documentary Demographic Winter. I had high expectations for this film, and was very exited about it.

 The production values and quality of the documentary was very high, they made very good use of the interviewees to the extent that the narrator only had a half duzon lines. However, I think the trailer is essential watching, as I think it gives a better over all picture of what is being said. In a much simpler plain fact way. In-fact, I almost felt like the film was simply backing up the what the trailer said with facts and data!

 The film ends abruptly with the words: The End, and then a moment latter a subtitle appears: (of part 1). That was unexpected, I looked around, but have yet to find reference to a part 2. I hope that there will soon be a second documentary to expand on what feels like just a brush off the surface of an enormous issue (wile at the same time drinking from a fire hose of data).

 The big question that comes from watching the film is how does this affect us? Wow does it effect our life, financial, and other all decisions in life? Because, how can you look at anything same anymore? For instance, my father is trying to get in to real estate, if what this documentary says is true, how does that effect where he invests?

 Another interesting thing that was brought up was that according to Phillip Longman, there are only 2 ways he can see to reverse and correct what is happening, the first is what he calls the "Swedish model", which is basically the government paying people to have children. The other is a return to Patriarchal Families! Mr. Longman says that there really isn't much hope in the Swedish model, because it is being tried, and not working.

 This is a secular documentary, but it amazed me how consistently they showed that the further we get away from biblical principles the more things fall apart. God tells us this is the way you should live, not to test us, but because he made the world to work a specific way, and no other way works. Biblical principles and societies don't just benefit christians, but all people.

 I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone.

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