Monday, October 20, 2008

VFX Pipe Lines

The above image is actually my VFX work flow.

1. The clip is edited FCP, so thet is where I start.
2. The Clip is exported using QuickTime Conversion, converting to a .png or .tiff image sequence.
3. The image image sequence is opened in shake, and wear all the compositing and VFX are done.
4. The Final Compost is exported by shake as a quick time movie. Usually as a native HDV 30i codec, though that has been giving me trouble in PFC, so I have been using Apple Animation codec allot.
5. I Load the clip back in to FCP, I place clip in the time line above the original clip.
6. If I used Apple’s Animation codec I will need to render it in FCP.

So when I am done, I have 4 copys of the clip on my hard drive. The original, the .tiff image sequence, the .mov movie, and the FCP render file.

What does your Work Flow look like?

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