Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celtx 1.0 Released!

The newest version of Celtx (1.0) has just been released today! It has a lot of nice new features. Here are some things mentioned in the e-mail I received:

Adapt To - a single click now converts a fully formatted script of one type into a fully formatted script of another - for example a Stageplay to a Screenplay - displaying instantly the multi-media potential of your work.

Comic Book - a new editor to write properly formatted Comic Books, and a common framework for collaboration between writer and artist.

iPhone - now view your Celtx projects from just about anywhere with a display optimized for your iPhone.

Catalogs - a new organization and searchable dashboard view of all your story's elements and production items.

Sidebar - annotate and break down each scene with notes, media (images, audio, and video clips), and production items through an easy to manage, thoroughly upgraded new sidebar.

Project Scheduling - has been vastly upgraded to fully integrate with the script breakdown and provide a Call Sheet and a host of new shooting reports.

Storyboarding - as requested, you can now choose from a variety of ways to view and manage your images, create a storyboard outline based on your script, and add shot descriptions to each image.

  • The first thing I checked was the Story boarding section of the program. If you use Celtx you will know it was in need of some BIG help. Well it finally got some, you can now use the scroll weal on you mouse to scroll up and down, what a novel concept! As well as a lot more flexibility and user friendliness, you can also set What kind of shot it is in a drop down menu, eg. Wide Shot, Medium Shot, Close up, etc.
  • The interface for adding files to your project is also reorganized and cleaned up a bit.
  • The Catologs feature also looks like it could be quite useful.
  • What excites me most however is something that at the moment I can't use, iPhone support, when the iPhone came out I thought to my self that it would be the ultimate gadget for the set, if only there was a program for it, well looks like it is here. Now to get my self the cash to buy and iPodTouch!
If you don't have Celtx already, now is a good time to start!


Isylla said...

You have an iphone?

The Movie Maker said...

Heavens no! I am to poor for that ATM, but hopefully one day, hopefully not to far in to the future an iPod Touch would be nice, though at the rate I am becoming rich it looks like a LOOOOOOOG ways of. Both iPones and iPod Touches can run the celtx software.

Isylla said...

LOL, Cool I have never her of Celtx, I'll have to check it out.

I was going to buy an ipod touch, but I ended up getting the new nano, its green and little!!