Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Computer

So, our eMac is in the process of biting the dust... we think. It is dieing really slow like. After some posts on the Apple Forums, we believe the Logic Board is for some reason or another going bad, also to to top it of my mom spilled a smoothy on the keyboard, she was quick thinking enough to turn it upside down right away, so you cant see anything, but for the last week it has been almost unusable, as the moisture dries out it is becoming less and less crazy for typing (we can use the delete key again, but the a and caps-lock keys are still attached to each-other as are return and F7). With labor for repairs at $120 an hour (including diagnosis), we finally got another mac for the rest of the family to use on e-bay. So now we have 2 17" iMacs. This will be helpful when we have a project that needs to be edited on crunch time.

The new computer wile the exact same model as our "business" iMac, it has a few lower specs, however, it does boast the latest version of OSX, and I quite envious. Envious? Yes, envious, we have had it almost to days now. And I have yet to even tuch it. And from the looks of things, that isn't about to change soon.

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