Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hebrews in New Mexico?

The has for a long time been constant cry that Columbus was not the fist man from the "continent" to discover north america, before him, the Vikings, and the Chinese. I have always loved little known facts in tidbits about history. Much of what current Academia tells us, and much of what North Americans 'know to be true" about the ancient world is way of. there is much, much, much evidence that people have been traveling back and forth from north america to "the continent" for many thousands of years, and leaving their mark. Not just in exploration, and one time trips or rediscovery, and rediscovery, and rediscovery, and rediscovery... but even in regular trading!
However, this simple short documentary shows evidence for something that I had never heard of.

Watch the video here:

From a video makers perspective, I also really like this video. It may just be a short like youtube esc video, but it looks professional. Not only is the sound clean and the shots well composed, but the mountain fly-over graphics, and the well orchestrated (not cheep sounding) music that fits with the feel of the vid, add huge production value.
One thing I really like is the simple VFX that they used to show the petroglyphs and text worked really well. But then again, what do you expect from a Botkin production?
The only real crit I had was Noah seems to stumble a bit on his lines. He might have benefited from another take.

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